Michelle R. Franco-Westacott is a Regional Transformation Specialist for U.S. PREP National Center. Michelle has extensive background in the field of educational leadership and brings this wide-ranging background experience and expertise to her role within U.S. PREP. Michelle is deeply committed to positively impacting the transformation of teacher preparation programming, on behalf of ALL children, across the United States.

Michelle’s 30 years of experience in the field of education include:

  • Classroom Teacher Leader (17 years),
  • Instructional Coach and Professional Developer (4 years),
  • K-8 Administrator (3 years),
  • iTeachAZ Coordinator and Clinical Instructor, Arizona State University (2.5 years)
  • Management Research Analyst Principal, Arizona State University (3 years)
  • Regional Transformation Specialist, U.S. PREP National Center (Current)

In her role as a Regional Transformation Specialist, Michelle supports multiple universities as they strive to transform their teacher preparation programming. This support is frequent and ‘heavy-touch’ and includes the provision of professional development support for leadership and faculty as well as explicit consulting with university leadership teams as they work to achieve program transformation, at scale. Additionally, Michelle has taken the lead in managing a number of special projects for the Center. Included is the development and implementation support of a Program Review Process (an internal, formative assessment process used to measure the integrity of program delivery) and, the development, training, and support for the administration of a student perception survey (SPS). During the clinical placement, the SPS is administered by all teacher candidates (TCs) to all of their PK-12th grade students in partner districts. The SPS results are used by TCs to develop goals and implement strategies with the intent of improving their teaching and their relationships with their students.  Furthermore, Michelle has joined other U.S. PREP Center colleagues, and university partners in developing proposals and presenting at national conferences.

Michelle received her Master’s Degree from State University of New York, Brockport and subsequently through additional advanced studies in Educational Leadership, acquired certification as a Supervisor and an Administrator.

Finally, Michelle sustains the following certifications:

  • State of New York K – 8 Teaching Certificate
  • State of Arizona K – 6 Teaching Certificate
  • State of Arizona K – 8 Supervisory Certificate
  • State of Arizona K – 8 Administrative Certificate
  • *Endorsements: State of Arizona SEI, and Early Childhood
  • TAP Certified Evaluator
  • TPI Certified Inspector