Jian Wang received his Ph.D. in Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Policy, Michigan State University. He is currently Professor, Helen DeVitt Jones Chair in Teacher Education, and Chair of Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Texas Tech University. His research interests include (1) teacher learning and education, (2) teacher mentoring, (3) relationship between reform-minded teaching, contexts of curriculum, and teaching organizations, and (4) comparative study about student’ mathematics learning under the influence of teaching and non-teaching contexts. He published qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method studies, literature reviews, and conceptual analyses in the above fields, which appeared in the academic journals, such as Review of Educational Research, Educational Researcher, Education Research Review, Teachers’ College Record, Journal of Teacher Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Research in the Teaching of English, and Journal of Curriculum Studies. He served as a co-editor of Journal of Teacher Education and a co-program chair for the AREA SIG: Research on Teacher Induction. His co-edited book, Past, Present, and Future Research on Teacher Induction: An Anthology for Researchers, Policy Makers, and Practitioners, synthesize comprehensively the research in the field of teacher induction. He received the Spencer Research Grant examining the relationship between teachers’ mathematics knowledge, teaching, and student learning in China. He worked for the cross-national curriculum research project of TIMSS and the cross-national research project, Learning from Mentor, at the National Center for Research on Teacher Learning. He is a Co-PI at the US PREP National Center working to transform teacher preparation in different institutions using design based research.