Project Description



Members progress into Ongoing Transformation once they have demonstrated success with fully scaling the Quality Objectives across their programs. Coalition members no longer receive on-the-ground support, but rather their university and school district leaders become consultants for US PREP as new providers join the coalition.

Ongoing Transformation is characterized as a professional learning community (PLC) and includes the following benefits:

An effective and well-publicized peer-to-peer university PLC model that produces peer-driven improvement and improved teacher preparation outcomes:

  • Opportunity to submit proposals for and learn from the US PREP Innovation Pilots
  • Participation in the US PREP Research Hub where the purpose is learning 
  • Access to Leadership Network of Deans and department chairs
  • Opportunity to be included in future grant proposals

Co-development of a post-transformation ITP & Access to Resources:

  • Monthly cohort meetings with other post-transformation colleagues 
  • Accountability and support to continue improvement work
  • Access to the US PREP Toolkit where teacher preparation resources continue to be updated and developed for all teacher preparation stakeholders.

Access to US PREP Convenings, Leadership Retreats, and Clinical Quality Trainings (travel for up to 10 people each year paid for by US PREP).

Access to Data Dashboard with corresponding assistance & support through training seminars, materials, and on-demand support to ensure that members maximize the value and usability of their dashboard system.

Advocacy: As the coalition expands, our voices become louder as we advocate for high-quality educator preparation programs at the state and policy level. US PREP staff will work with your leadership team to create a strategic plan for raising awareness of your transformation work in your local communities as well as at the state department level. 

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