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Transforming Teacher Preparation

US PREP offers individual consultancy services for those needing a la carte support. The US PREP staff will customize a services & support plan for your team within each quality objective area.  Click on each Quality Objective area below to view example consultancy services then complete the form to get started!

  • Provide support in identifying a pre-service teacher evaluation framework that outlines clear competencies/practices.
  • Provide training in norming on the teacher evaluation framework to ensure all teacher preparation stakeholders have a clear and coherent vision of effective teaching. 
  • Design performance assessment processes to support candidates in receiving high-quality feedback and coaching. 
  • Redesign methods coursework to include the teaching and assessment of  K-12 core content and pedagogy, and include practice-based opportunities for teacher candidates. 
  • Design performance gates and processes, aligned with the student teaching evaluation framework, to monitor teacher candidates’ progress throughout the program. Systematize and align performance intervention protocols to performance gates.
  • Develop a clear intervention protocol and clearly document the process in the student teaching handbooks.
  • Scaling and sustaining quality preparation across all programs and pathways.

  • Design sustainable structures that allow teacher preparation faculty to utilize data for the purpose of continuous improvement. 
  • Develop and/or enhance data planning, analysis, and usage. 
  • Support the development of data governance structures and protocols that enhance the analysis, planning, and execution of decisions made based on data. 

  • Develop clear job descriptions for all teacher preparation program leaders—program director, site coordinator, and mentor teachers—to ensure that program leaders have clear roles and responsibilities for supporting teacher candidate development. 
  • Provide training to key people (i.e. teacher preparation program leaders, program directors, site coordinators) to ensure that the partnership and program are operating effectively.
  • Provide training to TPPs and school leaders to ensure mentor teacher trainings equip mentors with best practices for coaching.
  • Provide training to student teaching supervisors in order to develop inter-rater reliability on the student teaching evaluation rubric and build their capacity to formally and informally coach teacher candidates.
  • Strengthen TPP Teacher Educator Effectiveness through the following:
    • Provide training to TPPs on teacher educator pedagogies 
    • Develop tools/resources for teacher educator feedback measures
  • Change management and communication tools for ensuring launch and execution against project plan goals and initiatives.

  • Strengthen district partnerships through the development of MOUs and quarterly shared governance meetings (which will include opportunities to develop sustainable structures for mentor teacher selection and training).
  • Strengthen university-school partnerships through sustainable shared governance meetings/protocols which include opportunities for:
    • TPP leaders to become knowledgeable about the workforce needs of the school partners. 
    • Partners to share program data (i.e. candidates’ observation and student achievement data, and make improvements to program coursework, mentoring, recruitment processes, and refine agreement.
    • Partners to review summative assessment program data and set annual program priorities.
    • Partners to select mentors based on demonstrated success with students and exhibited leadership qualities and skills.

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