Providers who join US PREP make a three-year commitment to piloting and scaling the transformation commitments. Each provider receives a $100,000 sub-award each year for three years. This award is provided to support the initial costs of implementing the transformation goals. Before they are selected to join US PREP, potential university partners engage in an application process to include submission of an application, participating in interviews, and submission of letters of support. This is to ensure their strong and clear commitment to implementing and fully scaling the transformation goals. After a series of vetting discussions with teacher educators and administrators, all key leaders within the partnership (including the university college presidents, provosts, deans and partner district superintendent) are asked to sign a Memorandum of Understanding committing their institution to specified requirements. Each partner site commits to sharing teacher candidate performance data, student perception survey outcomes, and completer outcome data. Data are transparently shared during US PREP coalition meetings for the purpose of trend analysis, learning, and continuous improvement. Below are the application steps:
  • Step 1: Attend a pre-orientation meeting with US PREP
  • Step 2: Complete the US PREP application
  • Step 3: Submit 4 Letters of Support (Dean, President, Provost, and District Chancellor/Superintendent)
  • Step 4: Review the grant outcomes and complete the Provider Readiness Survey with a member of the US PREP team.

Members progress into Post Transformation membership once they have demonstrated success with fully scaling the Quality Objectives across their programs. Coalition members no longer receive on-the-ground support, but rather their university and school district leaders become consultants for US PREP as new providers join the coalition. Post Transformation Membership is characterized as a professional learning community (PLC) and includes the following benefits:

  1. An effective and well-publicized peer-to-peer university PLC model that produces peer-driven improvement and improved teacher preparation outcomes.
    • Opportunity to submit proposals for and learn from the US PREP Innovation Pilots
    • Participation in the US PREP Research Hub where the purpose is learning.  
    • Access to Leadership Network of Deans and department chairs
    • Coalition Annual Peer Review
  2. Access to the US PREP Toolkit where teacher preparation resources continue to be updated and developed for all teacher preparation stakeholders.
  3. Access to US PREP Convenings and Clinical Quality Trainings (US PREP to pay the expenses for up to 5 people per covening).
  4. Access to Data Dashboard with corresponding assistance & support through training seminars, materials, and on-demand support to ensure that members maximize the value and usability of their dashboard system.
  5. Advocacy: As the coalition expands, our voices become louder as we advocate for high-quality educator preparation programs at the state and policy level. As we continue our work with SREB & Educate Texas, we have developed relationships that enable US PREP to connect coalition providers to their state legislatures.

Whether you want to explore the US PREP model or take time to learn more about a specific area of the work, the following courses and technical workshops are available to your team on an a la carte basis:

  1. Rigorous, Performance-Based Programming: Conducting High-Quality POP Cycles
  2. Structuring Coaching Conversations for a Powerful Impact
  3. Leveraging Walkthrough Observations as Opportunities to Provide On-The-Spot, Just-In-Time Coaching
  4. Strengthening Post-Conferences through Analysis of Student Work Outcomes
  5. Partnership Governance Meetings
  6. Conducting Data-Driven Mentor Trainings
  7. Modeling and Practice Within Mentor Trainings
  8. K-12 Student Perception Surveys
  9. K-12 Student Perception Data to Inform Teacher Candidate Practice
  10. Using Google to Enhance Your Work

“I believe the historical lack of deep and authentic university-school partnerships has been the cause of some of today’s challenges in American education. Now we have the opportunity to demonstrate how alignment can be a solution. We rise or fall together.”

Dr. Scott Ridley

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