Regional Transformation Specialist

The Regional Transformation Specialist provides project management including adherence budget, schedule and scope. Plans, schedules or coordinates projects activities to meet deadlines.  Monitors project compliance. Coordinates the overall integration of the project.  Supervises and directs project personnel; assigns duties and responsibilities.

Major/Essential Job Functions include:

  • CO-plan and monitor ITP progress towards project goals.
  • Assist in the coordination & provision of providing on-the-ground support to university providers.
  • Ensure clarity and coordination of project communications with provider leadership teams.
  • Provide training on the utilization of data (e.g. outcome and benchmark measures, program review, etc.) to inform plans for improvement/enrichment.
  • Provide assistance to the school-university leaders in establishing bi-annual shared governance meetings.
  • Plan, organize and coordinate administrative and operational activities.
  • Support providers to meet readiness criteria for data visualization.
  • Monitor the fidelity of implementation using data from program reviews, ITPs, and Inspectorate US visits.
  • Facilitate annual surveys with partner district leaders on needs, graduates and partnership satisfaction.
  • Provide assistance to the school-university leaders in strategic planning, piloting, data collection, and dissemination of new co-created and needs-based preparation innovation.

Job ID #19745BR

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Technical Lead / Programmer Analyst

The Technical Lead’s role is to assist with the development of project plans to test, analyze, and maintain software applications in support of business requirements. This position is also responsible for supervising and/or leading the development of new systems, directing changes to existing systems, controlling the interfaces between the systems, initiating complex feasibility studies, and making recommendations of the action to be taken. The position is also expected to assist senior departmental management in determining the strategic IT direction for the area and/or unit and, as such, may interface with key IT leadership. Discretion and sound judgment is expected.

Essential Job Functions include:

  • Assists with:
    – Development of project plans for application design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance.
    – Evaluation of application solutions that support strategic initiatives and goals.
  • Supervises and/or leads:
    – Teams that analyze departmental needs in order to design, develop, implement, and support applications.
    – Efforts to analyze, review, and modify existing software to increase operating efficiency, adapt to new requirements, and repair application errors.
  • Works independently to perform systems analysis, develop, and review programming code defined in project plans to meet design specifications, customer requirements, and/or applies vendor supplied upgrades.

Job ID #19826BR

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