Thanking Teachers By Supporting Them From Day One

Teachers have the power to change their students’ lives. Think about it: whether it was helping you master a difficult topic, learn something about yourself or the world around you, or simply encouraging you to believe in your ability to succeed, you probably had at least one teacher who changed your life for the better; I know I did. Teachers can make all the difference.

That’s why it’s so concerning that one in three first-year teachers reports feeling unprepared for the job. They reach the classroom eager to connect with their students. But too often, because they didn’t receive needed training and support, they’re not being put in the best position to succeed.

At the Gates Foundation, we care deeply about fostering great teaching. Education is the bridge to opportunity, and teachers help us across. And with Teacher Appreciation Week coming up, this feels like a good time to look at ways we can support teachers with more than just our thanks and appreciation.

Nine out of 10 teachers say that “ensuring teachers graduate from preparation programs with the skills needed to be a truly effective teacher” should be one of our nation’s most important priorities. And when it comes to preparing teachers to be ready on “day one,” some teacher training programs are stepping up to the challenge.

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