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Joining US PREP

Members of the coalition make a four-year commitment to transform their teacher preparation programs to include the following:

  • Commitment to strong district partnerships

  • Rigorous, aligned, and relevant curriculum

  • A rigorous clinical teaching experience

  • Performance-Based Accountability

  • Data for Continuous Improvement

Members of the coalition benefit from learning from other universities as well as receiving support and services including:

  • Assigned, full-time US PREP implementation coaches

  • Continuous on-the-ground assistance for strengthening programs to achieve outcomes

  • Professional guidance for securing additional grants

  • Peer-to-peer university professional learning community

  • Research support in studying and identifying the most impactful teacher preparation practices

  • Leadership support for deans

  • Database and data use support processes

How do I join US PREP?

  • Have a dean who is motivated to make changes

  • Have leadership teams who are committed to their district partners and the MOU

  • Have leadership teams who are committed to high quality programming and scale in light of budgetary impact


“I believe the historical lack of deep and authentic university-school partnerships has been the cause of some of today’s challenges in American education. Now we have the opportunity to demonstrate how alignment can be a solution. We rise or fall together.”

Dr. Scott Ridley

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