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Research Data Manager

The Research Data Manager will perform data management and programming functions, including creating and maintain several databases, cleaning and validating data, generating reports, and performing descriptive analysis.

The US  PREP Data Manager oversees all data for the Center and performs the following duties:

  • Ensures efficient data collection systems and dashboard systems
  • When appropriate, serves on data dashboard development committees
  • Trains and oversees data specialists at each provider site. Meets monthly with data specialists
  • Conducts trend analysis across the Center (Performance assessment data, Student Perception Surveys, district perception surveys, etc.)
  • Provides leadership and support to deans, US PREP RTS, and data specialists in the design and implementation of clear structures and process for the utilization of data
  • Works closely (weekly and monthly) with the US PREP Research Analyst
  • Documents the impact of US PREP
  • Designs and implements research on the effectiveness of the program components on preparing classroom ready teachers
  • Conducts program evaluations
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