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Director of Content Development & Programming

The primary objective and responsibilities for the Director of Content Development & Programming is to support US PREP’s mission by providing on-the-ground support to colleges of education, with the larger goal of ensuring that every child, especially our children of color who are living in poverty, have access to highly effective teachers.

Program Development

  • Develop training curriculum, for teacher educator faculty, on common core standards, with intentional alignment to each provider’s framework for teaching and particular emphasis on advancing diversity and equity.
  • Facilitate training workshops with Regional Transformation Support Specialists (Train the Trainer) in ways that advance equitable and inclusive work environments.
  • Facilitate ‘teacher preparation curriculum redesign’ to integrate the teaching and assessment of the Common Core Standards and the provider’s framework for teaching.
  • Develop an initial evaluator certification training aligned to each provider’s framework for teaching.
  • Share and disseminate curriculum materials and trainings via the US PREP Toolkit.
  • Research and stay abreast of national landscape issues and developments that impact US PREP curriculum (higher education, CAEP accreditation and standards, Common Core, cultural competency, social and emotional learning, etc.)

Program Leadership

  • Lead and manage a team of Regional Transformation Support Specialists
  • Build and maintain external relationships with national partner organizations
  • Consistently monitor program effectiveness and use outcomes for improvement

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